Boren Group First Time Buyer Program

Maybe you are tired of rent increases, or not being able to make where you live your home, or maybe you want to start building your nest egg. Or maybe you would like to lower your tax bill…

Whatever your reason, you are in good company and we are here to help you.

Buying your first home is a journey, and like many journeys you probably need a good guide. We have guided hundreds of first-time buyers and we would love to be your guide!

In fact, after helping so many buy their first home, we have developed the Boren Group First Time Buyer Program. Our program takes you through understanding what you want in your first home, how to get your fist home financed (including down payment assistance), searching for that perfect home, making an offer and negotiating the sales contract, managing the escrow process, and finally getting you moved in.

The first step is our no cost, no obligation consultation meeting. If you are ready to get started, click here. If you would rather do some self-education, or possibly do a little window shopping below are some links that will help you. We are always on standby for whenever you are ready to get started on this every exciting journey.

Real Estate Terms

Renting vs Buying

What is an “escrow”?

Getting Started 

You Need A Realtor

Perfect frist time buyer homes

Let's go Window Shopping